Fortifications of Lisse


Lisse forts are about 2km away from the town of Nevrokopi, but not far from Ochyro 1village. At these forts, the Greek Army fought bravely against the German and Bulgarian army divisions on 6 and 7 April of 1941. Despite the fierce attempts and attacks of the invaders, the forts were not occupied, but they were delivered, after the capitulation of Greece. Germans honoured the heroes, when the latter delivered 2the forts to them. A small museum erected, in commemoration of this battle, to honour the dead people. The museum was renovated in 2002 and now it is opened to the public. The museums exhibits include weapons (pistols, machine guns, mortars, grenades, etc.) that belong to Greek and German army; uniforms,   medals and personal items of soldiers and officers. Also, there are cannons in the courtyard of the Greek army, which were used to defend the fort.