Athletic Tourism




Mountains of Drama, apart from the outdoor recreation and the tour that they offer to hikers and nature’s lovers, are very interesting for climbing fans. They can do many hours to ascend Falakro Mount, especially in its eastern and southern parts.
The ascent to the highest peak, «Profitis Ilias» (2,232m), begins from Agio Pnevma (Holy Spirit) plateau, where the ski resort is (1,720m). Following the south direction, we arrive, without any problem, in about 1hour on the top «Kartalka» (2,035m). The view is spectacular towards the steep southern slopes of Falakro and the harsh gorge «Nakevisa». Then, we follow the ridge in about 35 minutes; we reach the impressive precipice of «Chionotrypa» (snow pit). After 40 minutes of climbing, we reach the top. We can also reach here, starting from Pyrgi village. Crossing the spectacular gorge «Sousitsa» and «Sitna» valley, we ascend the peaks «Oxia» (1,819m) and «Pseftodonti» (2,060m). Following a stunning trail, after 6 hours of total running, we arrive to the top.
Another trip towards the south western part of Falakro - the highest peak «Agios Pavlos» (Saint Paul, 1,769m) - starts from Granitis. It is really an alpine spectacle and it is worth to spend 3 hours to enjoy the magnificent nature from above.
The mountain interest continues on the Mt. Orvilos, northwest of Drama prefecture. We go on, towards the southern extension of the large mountain complex Pirin in Bulgaria. This mountain complex of high tops is offered for summer and winter ascents. The ascent upon the top «Tsolias» (2,172m) starts from the church of Akrino (7km from the village Katafyto) and lasts 4 hours. Orvilos retains a lot of snow in winter, suitable for mountain skiing. The beautiful slopes are ideal for rock and ice climbing.
The Mt. Menikio, the west of Drama prefecture, offers us another route. Starting from the village Mikropoli, we follow the traditional cobbled path and after 1 hour and 30 minutes, we are at the shelter of the mountaineering Mikropolis club, at the location of «Kastanodasos» (chestnut forest). From here, we continue our journey up to the plateau of Kallipoli and after 1 hour and 30 minutes, we reach the top «Mavromata» at 1,963m. On any case, we should have a small backpack with necessary trekking foods (nuts, a light lunch), a good raincoat and water of course.


For lovers of adventure and risk, Falakro Mountain is one of the most exciting climbing areas of Greece. These fields are formed by cliffs, which are enclosed on the peaks (from west to east) - such as «Kartalka», «Faragi», «Chionotrypa», «Profitis Ilias», «Pseftodonti», «Vardena» and «Sitna» - creating a petal of three kilometers. They offer many opportunities for large and difficult mixed routes or endless gutters. .
To visit the climbing areas, we start from Pyrgi village or the Ski Resort of Falakro. The mountaineering clubs of Prosotsani and Drama will help us with specific information.

Air Sports

The area of ​​Drama offers significant natural slopes - such as those of Falakro, Menikio and mountains of the Basin – to exercise with paragliding and hang gliding. Athletes can use the takeoff track in the region Pyrgi – Petroussa, at an altitude of 1,200m, oriented at southeast, south and southwest. The route of 3km from Pyrgi village till the takeoff track is a passable earthen road. They can also use the takeoff track of Korylovos, at an altitude of 650m, oriented southeast, south and southwest. You can reach here from downtown, after a five-minute trip. The plain of Drama is an ideal place for landing.